Ancient Legend Reborn

Those who have followed the development of the Zelda storyline through the years may have noticed a fairly steady trend: writers and directors of Zelda games, when they work on multiple installments, tend to make their works related to one another in the series chronology. The tendency first started with A Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening, which were both written and directed by Nintendo legends Kensuke Tanabe and Takashi Tezuka, respectively, and continued through the rest of the series. With this tradition in mind, what might this say about the upcoming Skyward Sword, directed by Hidemaro Fujibayashi, who has had a long history with the series so far?…

Metroid Wiki and Metroid: Other M Collide to Create Awesome

UPDATE: Our official Metroid Other M review is now up! Oh and yeah, New Nintendo got an overhaul. That totally happened while you weren’t looking! WHAT WERE YOU MISSING MAN!? A few months back some of you may recall we started a new project known as Metroid Wiki. Unlike the two other projects we relaunched this year, those being New Nintendo and VGRC, this project has actually stuck and has been taking off nicely. Metroid Wiki is exactly what it sounds like, taking great inspiration from fellow wiki’s involved on the NIWA Network, including Zelda Today marks the release of Metroid: Other M, and in celebration of the occasion I decided to remind all of you about how awesome Metroid Wiki is becoming. I know we have several Metroid fans at the site, so all I can really ask of you guys is to head on over to the wiki and contribute! We are looking to have the best Other M material on the net, and that only happens because of users like you. The wiki has come a long ways since it started. Boasting 477 articles, it has grown quickly in a very short amount of time….

Hey, Listen, I Like Navi

In case you missed it, hating Navi is so yesteryear. Now game bloggers from all around the world are uniting to love the $%&! out of Link’s little helper fairy. Brendan Main, a writer at the internet’s most awesome source of gaming comedy, The Escapist, has written an awesome article about why Navi is the most awesome and sexiest thing to ever grace The Legend of Zelda. I think Navi is the greatest partner ever to grace a videogame. I know that this puts me in the lonely minority. Link’s perpetually-nattering pixie friend has become a punching bag among gamers, who view her constant cries as a nag and a nuisance. She’s constantly calling out "Hey!" and "Listen!" – only those lines are delivered like a shriek of wonder from a precocious, wild eyed-child, so it’s more like "Heeeeeeyyyyy! LeeeeeeEEEEESEN!" This might be the most unsung virtue of Link as a hero – not only is he the physical embodiment of courage, and a natural with a sword, he’s also a really great leeeeeeEEEEESENer. Read the full article here….

Link’s Awakening 3D Projects Cancelled

Remember these two projects? Well they both bit the dust. The first one, which was simply taking the 2D graphics and putting it onto a 3D plane, has ended due to lack of programming skills. The other, more ambitious remake known as Ballad of the Wind Fish, is cancelled due to lack of time. I figured at some point the projects would get shut down, but I expected Nintendo to be the cause. It’s sad to see such great projects coming to a close due to lack of skill and time, but as fate would have it, it’s pretty common trend in the fan game world. We will miss you both. You can check out the respective sites for each to see their own final words. Link’s Awakening 3D – Ballad of the Wind Fish…

Twilight Princess Re-Texture Pack Looks Stunning

I have a comparison of this to the original textures included in game after the jump, but even without having that this looks stunning. Very current gen. It’s really amazing how much the textures make all the difference in the look and feel of the realistic graphical styling. I also don’t think that the Wii is capable of rendering such textures. I would seriously love a revisit to the realistic styling for a console game if it could look this good. Comparative screenshot after the jump….

Fan Game, Zelda World, Takes a Stab at the MMO World

Zelda World is a game, made by fans, meant to bring a MMO styled Zelda to the masses set in the Ocarina of Time world. The problem? It’s really nothing other than a bare bones sandbox at this time. Still, it’s interesting watching it come into fruition. Presently, the game is in Alpha. That virtually means there is nothing to do and a lot of glitches. That being said, Hyrule field, and the starting area, Kokiri Forest, does exist. You can’t enter any buildings, and there are no npcs and no other players to interact with, but the world is there. You start off with the sword, shield, and bow, though right now only the bow is vaguely usable. You can run around wildly shooting arrows, and they did leave a few arrow pick up points around so you don’t run out, but there is nothing presently to use the arrows for. No game world stuff that breaks, no enemies, no minigames. Of course, that is the point of Alpha – it’s in the very early stages of development. We’ll be keeping an eye on this project over the next few years of development, as naturally any decent MMO…

Majora’s Mask: It’s Okay to be Different

Throughout its existence, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask has been a game of great controversy. Many believe the game to be a burden; having to complete dungeons and side-quests in the three day “time limit”, while others view these aspects of the game as fun and challenging. Many players find some of the side-quests […]

Read Only Memory: Vol 1 and are proud to present "Read Only Memory" an animated series about Nintendo games and culture. Vol 1 contains the first four episodes of Read Only Memory all packaged together as one whole piece. Turnips In Love, Pizza Links, The Return of Captain N, and Simon’s Supper are all featured. The first 4 episodes of these wonderful Flash animations will answer some of your burning questions – How much of a %&#! is Mario really? Is Link straight? What kind of pizza does Link like? Can playing NES be fatal? Find out all that, and more, by watching the little youtube video above!…

More Zelda Skyward Sword and OoT 3DS Details

In a recent interview between Eiji Aonuma and Official Nintendo Magazine, the Legend of Zelda series director has revealed even more details of Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time DS. Important key notes revealed about Skyward Sword are : Link’s arsenal (old and new items, etc), returning characters, a mean of transportation is hinted at, […]