F1 2011 Release Date

With the release date for Mario Kart 7 rapidly approaching, it seems Codemasters has tried to release their own 3D racer into the mix. Yes that’s right, Codemasters has just set the 25th of November as the release date for their upcoming 3D F1 racer. For a few more details and the game’s gameplay trailer, jump inside and take a quick look at what this game has to offer….

A Year in the Legend of Zelda

I’m not at all the type to do self-promotion. I hate the term "networking" and anything that smacks of self-interest is repugnant to me. So it’s with a little bit of trepidation that I’m writing this post and essentially doing the exact same thing. Well, OK, not really. In fact, it doesn’t matter to me at all if you read this. Go ahead! Leave! I don’t care! Jerk! FINE. I guess if you’re interested, you can jump inside for some sweet Legend of Zelda analysis courtesy of Vigigames.com….

Super Mario 3D Land’s Zelda-Themed Level Revealed – World 5-2

We’ve known since E3 that Super Mario 3D Land would feature a Zelda-themed level played from the top-down perspective, but now that the game’s basically out in Japan, we finally have our chance to see the level from start to finish. Now, don’t be fooled – you won’t be swinging any swords or bombing Dodongos – but the rolling spike traps and spiny enemies do definitely look like something out of a Zelda title. This player doesn’t really go too deep in terms of exploration, instead taking a sort of straight shot to the end of the stage, so we only get a fleeting glance at the stage, but there looks to be a bit more to find than what we’ve seen laid out here. A bit of a weird approach to a Mario level, but I’m nonetheless intrigued to see just how much there is to it. Hop inside to see World 5-2, and let us know if you think it does the Zelda series justice. …

Silicon Knights Refocusing On Their Roots

Silicon Knights, best known for Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, has had a few major changes. They’ve had massive layoffs after an unnamed publisher pulled out on a project the team was working on. The project is still under development, but we’re still not really sure what they have under the tables. They’ve had a rather harsh time after Too Human and X-Men Destiny sold poorly, so it isn’t too surprising to see the struggle. In a recent interview with Kotaku, one of the developers has given a bit of information on what is going on. Earlier this week 1Up wrote that seventy five people had to be let go from the company. Silicon Knights told Kotaku it was 43, which is just under half their work force. That’s still a large number of people, but they have received about $8 million in government funding, which was used to build the company’s staff. Curious to see what else is going on? Clickity click on the jump and find out! …

Steve Jobs and Gabe Newell More Influential Than Miyamoto: iPhone Shaped the Video Game Industry

These are not the words of the Zelda Informer staff. In fact, theses are not the words of any American based video game outlet I can think of. No, this comes from a poll of 1,000 people inside in the industry in the UK. Clearly, they must of just interviewed indie developers, because the claims from these polls are downright laughable. So, here are the results of the most "influential" people in gaming history: Steve Jobs – 26% Gabe Newell – 16% Shigeru Miyamoto – 7% Tim Berners-Lee – 4% Mark Zuckerberg – 3% Can you guys look me in the face and tell me truthfully that this list is correct? If you want to argue Miyamoto isn’t on top I am fine with that. There are a lot of people in the industry over the last 30 years you can point to. Steve Jobs and say, Mark Zuckerberg, should not be among them. Oh it gets better folks. Wait till you see the list of the most influential gaming consoles….

A Look at the Recording of The Legend of Zelda Symphony CD – On the 3DS!

If you’re waiting impatiently to hear what The Legend of Zelda Symphony is going to sounds like on your special edition CD this holiday, we’ve got a treat to keep you satisfied in the meantime. Nintendo just released a video showing the recording of the Legend of Zelda Medley, one of the key tracks on the CD. And this time, unlike the concert, you get to hear it entirely uninterrupted by crowd noise. (I’m still hugely bitter about that, can you tell?) This is just a taste, of course. The full CD will feature about 7-8 tracks of pure Zelda orchestra goodness – including tons of favorites representing the key games, from the beginning of the series all the way to Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks. …

Multiplayer.it – Interview with Eiji Aonuma

The folks over at Multiplayer.it recently sat down with Eiji Aonuma to talk about the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and the Zelda series as a whole. Aonuma talked in detail about Wii Motion Plus Controls, the development of the game, game director Fujibayashi, and much more. Eiji Aonuma also talked about some more […]