Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph – Deku Link Spotted (Oh, Sonic Too)

Disney’s upcoming love-letter-of-a-movie to video games, Wreck-It Ralph, continues to gain steam. It’s not coming out anytime relatively soon (not until this Holiday season), and it’s already forced unforgivably high amounts of nostalgia onto the general gaming populace. What are we to do with these emotions, Disney? What am I to do with this foreign feeling of warmness in the space where my black hole of a heart is meant to belong!?

More to the point – Deku Link’s been spotted in this latest (recorded) clip at just around the 1:26 mark. You can see him walking along the right side of the screen in the background (little Deku body, green hat and all). There’s no other way to quite put this besides “awesome”. It’s a word I tend to never use on threat of bludgeoning my own head, but it really is the most apt way to describe the situation Wreck-It Ralph is in.

Oh yeah, and Sonic the Hedgehog has a little speaking cameo (as a prerecorded warning message spokesman) that takes up a much more prominent role in this clip. But still…Deku Link. Head past the jump for more.

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