Wii U Release Date

So, today we finally got our hands on the release date for the Wii U! The Wii U will get its first release in North America on November 18th (funny enough one of the release dates for Skyward Sword last year), in Europe 30th November and last but not least Japan 8th December. This means that it’s a little more then two months until the Wii U is released! Well, a little more for me, as I’m living in Europe.

The price for this baby comes in two variations; a basic white Wii U with 8GB for US$299.99 and a Premium in color black and an expanded memory of 32GB for US$ 349.99.

This is pretty exciting, yes. But I’m still not convinced I will buy one at release. Gaming library seems to be good as well as the other stuff, but I’d rather wait until the price drops and when we see a Zelda or for me, being a Metroid dork, a Metroid game. What about you?

You missed the preview event today? Do not fear, as you can see this from the beginning by checking out this: http://www.nintendo.com/wiiu

Also, I have been lacking time to post here. I started high school recently and have just been generally busy. Sorry for that, but the Zelda news have been quite lacking though, and that’s basically my work here. Hope everybody is doing great.

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