Fan Video Asks What Happens to Link After Twilight Princess

As a kid beating The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the first time, I was a mess of emotions. Months of hard work had finally led to this moment — I had taken down Ganondorf, freed Zelda, and Hyrule was celebrating as the sages watched. I was ecstatic. That is, until the credits ended and I was reunited with Link and Navi in the Temple of Time. Shocked, I watched Navi fly away and leave Link behind, realizing for the first time that even though the game had ended, Link was going to keep living. What was he going to do tomorrow, or the day after that? As players, for the most part we are completely oblivious to what each Link does directly after his quest is complete.

Thankfully Majora’s Mask answered some questions about Ocarina of Time Link, but we haven’t been so lucky with his other incarnations. Today’s featured video by YouTube user Isabela Domínguez provides us with some possible explanations of what happens to Twilight Princess Link when his game is over. In the video, the user takes a look at the ending sequence of the game, theorizing different ways Link from Twilight Princess might have spent the rest of his days as Hyrule’s former hero. The video explores five distinct theories, along with evidence supporting the possibility of each outcome.

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