Listen to this Saxy Outset Island Cover

If you’ve been enjoying Carlos Eiene’s Summer of Covers‘ Zelda week, you’re in for a wonderful treat this evening — Carlos Eiene of Insane In the Rain Music has just released what is perhaps the most impressive cover of the entire week. Perhaps in preparation for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD or perhaps simply because it’s an excellent song, Eiene has just released a beautiful cover of The Wind Waker‘s ‘Outset Island’ featuring a lovely saxophone arrangement.

The best part about this Summer of Covers is that it’s being done for charity. Eiene hopes to raise $1000 for Child’s Play Charity, but he can’t do it with your help. To help raise this money, please consider donating to Eiene’s cause, or if not, just subscribe to Insane In the Rain Music to keep up with the Summer of Covers on your own time!

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