Majora’s Mask Remake Still Possible

While many Zelda fans are no doubt
happy about the new A Link Between Worlds game and The Wind Waker HD,
there is a good portion of fans who still want to see a Majora’s
remake. Eiji Aonuma has already discussed this possibility, but
what about Shigeru Miyamoto? According to Richard George, Executive
Editor at IGN, he asked Miyamoto about said fans, and the creator’s
response was, “Well, they’re still in my memory.” While George
thinks this points to a “which one first” scenario where the team had to choose in regards to Majora’s Mask and A Link Between Worlds, there is no hard
information about any remake.

In the mean time, make sure to
stay here on Zelda Informer to keep up with our A Link Between Worlds walkthrough and The Wind Waker HD walkthrough.

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