Monday Comic Corner – Link on the Wall

Probably my favorite announcement at this hectic E3 was name of the new Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds, particularly because A Link to the Past, its main inspiration, is one of my favorite Zelda games. The new mechanics Nintendo is employing, such as the wall walking, will hopefully be as fun to utilize as they seem in the trailer. This wall walking also seems to make good comic material, so let’s see what Brawl in the Family has for us today!

For the first time on Monday Comic Corner, we have a cameo from elsewhere in the Nintendo family, Paper Mario! Unfortunately for Link, he is causing some trouble. As nice as Mario usually is, he just can’t control his block breaking addiction, and now Hyrule is doomed. Mario doesn’t even seem to care; the Mushroom Kingdom is probably fine, but our dear Hyrule will surely be conquered by some evil once and for all.

This comic is actually a few weeks old, because it was a response to this trailer. However, especially with the new E3 trailer, I think this comic will be relevant and in our minds when we get the new game on our hands. That would be an interesting counter to Link’s new ability, something that could smash the entire wall. But that’s unlikely as that kind of environmental destruction isn’t characteristic of Zelda.

What did you think of the comic? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Brawl in the Family

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