Windmill Hut – Lost Woods Variations

One of my favorite pianists and musicians for Zelda music is Kyle Landry because of his unique takes on a huge variety of Zelda tunes, all adapted for the piano. Recently Kyle Landry uploaded a video of him playing the Lost Woods theme from Ocarina of Time, except after playing through the original theme for the first thirty seconds, he goes into variations. Some parts are slow, some parts are fast, but they’re all a litte more dramatic than the original. Hit the jump to see what Kyle Landry has in store for us!

The Lost Woods theme is a common filler for Zelda medleys, but it doesn’t get a lot of attention on its own. Even in Ocarina of Time, the theme isn’t particularly outstanding, but it is memorable.

In these variations, as I’ve pointed out, the theme is dramatized much more than usual, and with great result. Just the mood differences with how the theme is played could fit many more scenes than the orignal, happy sounding theme. I’d imagine these simple variations could develop into a larger, longer score for an entire orchestra even, like what Zelda Reorchestrated does.

If you like what Kyle Landry does on the piano, be sure to check out his channel for more piano music, with some occasional Zelda tunes.

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Source: YouTube

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