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Of all the characters introduced in Skyward Sword, it is pretty safe to say Groose is by far the most popular. Not only is he one of the highest requested choices to make an appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4 but he has also become the subject of multiple memes and reaction images. With his loud, me-first attitude and all-around lovable characteristics it is fairly easy to see why.

Another important part of Groose, though, is his music. Not only does this song alone have its own meme, but it also perfectly catches his personality with its tune. Let’s face it; among all the side-characters in the Zelda series, there are few whose attitude and music are so perfectly in tune as Groose’s.

Title: Groose’s Theme
Game: Skyward Sword

As a character theme, Groose’s Theme serves the purpose of accompanying Groose in many of his cutscenes and other encounters. The main point of the tune is to give an audio association with the character, something that gives us an idea of his personality without even seeing him or hearing his dialogue.

As a character, Groose fills the archetype of a school bully. His main joy in life is putting Link down while making sure everyone remembers how awesome he himself is. From that part of his personality comes a fairly self-important and haughty demeanor.

In addition to this, we also have his humorous appearance (gotta love the pompadour) and commonly clueless outlook. The silly side of Groose serves to ruin all of his attempts at being the dashing rogue he thinks himself to be; in reality, his failed attempts to win Zelda’s heart and his commonly blundering actions leave him as a pretty comical character overall.

A booming and trumpet-filled intro start this song off with some gusto. Leading from there, the brass instruments in the track really go a long way towards making it sound all the more over-the-top. From its cadence that sounds a fair bit like the Pirates Theme from Wind Waker to the drawling overtone, it’s pretty easy to tell this song isn’t too serious about itself. I love the way this melody brings to mind an image of some large person just bumbling their way around. It gives the feeling that no matter what is trying to be accomplished, with this background music it will fail hilariously.

Therein lies the reason why this music works so well. As a bully, you want Groose to fall on his face because of how he treats Link. As a semi-hero, we love watching him nobly fight alongside Link while accomplishing his “feats” in the most hilarious way possible. This song makes Groose work. Love or hate the character, you have to admit… he’s got a great soundtrack.

See Also
Groose’s Theme is not the only Groose-based track in the game. There’s also “Silly Groose,” “Romantic Groose,” “Grooseland,” “Groosenator,” “Dejected Groose,” “Heroic Groose,” and the hilarious fan-made “Legend of Groose.” All of these tracks present their own takes on the tune, from Silly Groose’s emphasis on the “blundering oaf” part of the tune while Dejected Groose turns it into a lovely, almost sad tune. The versatility of this track is astounding.

How do you like Groose as a character, and how well do you feel his theme works for him? What is your favorite variation of Groose’s Theme? What tracks would you like to see me cover in the future? Let me know in the comments!

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