Majora’s Mask wood carving

Suni The namesake of Majora’s Mask is an artifact that is widely revered in the artistic community. Its rich colors and its eerie, intriguing design make it the perfect centerpiece for fan art. The artistic value of the mask is clearly defined by its intense appearance. It sits as a fantastic icon for one of the most dark and original games in the Zelda series, which any Zelda veteran can recognize. However, while the mask is popular among artists as a subject matter, someone has never (to my knowledge) tried to recreate the mask exactly as it appears in the game.

A self-proclaimed hobby artist from Austria, Mario Mayer, has recently set out to make a full-sized, complete, wood replica of the mask. He is far from finished, but it is still thoroughly impressive. He is trying to make it exactly as it appears in the game (minus the demonic powers). Hoping to give it a realistic, aged look, Mayer will make it completely out of wood, and it will be fully painted when finished. Below is a photograph of its current state.

 photo 1be78ebe-ac49-4538-8237-566eeb4a9519.jpg

I am very excited to see the finished product. You can find more pictures and track his progress on this Facebook page he set up.

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