Monday Comic Corner – Bravery

This Monday we have an old Magical Game Time comic, one from over two years ago. It’s short, and aside from Link’s innocent smile it’s not a funny comic. Over the years Zac Gorman’s drawings have improved, so in that respect it may not even seem completely like a Magical Game Time comic. But the messages he puts in his drawings, the parts of his comic that really count is there in its entirety. His revelations about what the Zelda series can truly teach us are ever present.

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His simple but elegant gif appears yet again. I’m glad that he’s kept up with them in the years that have passed as the understated animation adds to the experience. As for the meaning itself, that may take a few seconds to understand.

As the controller of Link throughout the series, and after being told countless times that it’s Link who holds the Triforce of Courage, we often think when we’re playing that we’re the brave ones. But Zelda is brave, too. Even though she’s often helpless with no options, she has to stay brave, too. In Ocarina of Time Zelda isn’t even captured until the very end, and she survives seven years of watching Hyrule slowly come under the power of Ganondorf. That’s bravery, even if the player doesn’t consider it.

If you’re interested in more of Zac’s comics, head on over to Magical Game Time for more, including other Zelda comics.

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Source: Magical Game Time

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