Nintendo has Substantially Improved The Wind Waker’s Pacing

One of The Wind Waker’s biggest criticisms was the slow pacing of certain tasks throughout the game. Thankfully, according to Miyamoto, Nintendo has gone through to fix all of the cumbersome pacing issues throughout the game.

I think the previous game, the length and the player pacing of it was something we thought we could improve on. For example, this time we’ve added an additional sail, that allows the boat to travel faster this time than it did in the original GameCube game. And when you’re dropping your crane down in the ocean to hunt for sunken treasure, the length of the chain on the crane is shorter so you spend less time on that. So it basically helps to speed up the gameplay a little bit. So the pacing has really been improved upon.

While these changes are only minor, it has been confirmed that the Triforce Quest will be sped up and sailing has already gotten an upgrade. These changes will make The Wind Waker HD worth picking up in October.

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