Zelda Fanart Spotlight- Zelda Anthology

zelda_anthology_by_lwiis64-d6etltjWelcome to another Zelda Fanart Spotlight!  Today we will be looking at an ambitious piece of art from Puerto Rican artist Luis Carrasquillo. Zelda Anthology is a tribute piece filled to the brim with characters from all entries in the series. The artist describes the style used in this piece as a combination of the Wind Waker’s bright cel-shaded look with the official art of Ocarina of Time.

If anything, credit must be given to Luis for the sheer amount of time it must have taken him to individually draw, outline, and color each character. He originally posted a “teaser” image for this picture back in May, and just posted the finish product last night. The careful detail put into each character is a testament to his love to the Zelda series.

These type of images don’t always make for a smooth composition, and can sometimes be overwhelming to the senses. The artist avoids that, making each individual character interesting by giving each an expressive and unique pose, creating an incentive for the viewer to keep looking for more small details.

The vibrant primary coloring hearkens back to The Wind Waker inspiration, and the thick black outline makes each figure distinct.



Click the image above to see a super-sized version of the picture. You can find the rest of Luis Carrasquillo’s art by visiting his DeviantART gallery by clicking here.

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