Zelda stop motion animation

The guys on Machinima have made an interesting new stop motion animated video staring Link on another adventure. The video is made up of over 4000 images using the Skyward Sword Link action figure and features sounds and music from the games. This video also includes a number of guests from other series and some decent special effects. It is titled Stage 1: The Knife Lord and promises to be the first episode in a series.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

The first thing this reminded me of was Robot Chicken since they used the action figure as the model. Overall the animation is pretty fluid, it is just the picture quality that goes down at times. Not too sure why there were so many Bionicle characters in this. The spells were well made even though I think they went a little overboard with them a couple times. Link came off as a better caster than a swordsman a couple times in this.

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