Come And Enjoy a Nice Campfire in The Sky in Breath of the Wild

It’s no secret that Breath of the Wild has its fair share of exploitable glitches, but recently, one fan has found a way to have his very own personal campfire up in the skies of Hyrule. This is more of a using the game’s mechanics against itself rather than a full blown glitch that has the player pull off some crazy feats for a look at Hyrule’s gorgeous landscape.

The video starts with the player using a cart in the Death Mountain area to pull another cart up into the air thanks to the magnesis rune. When the player feels that he is high enough he then freezes the cart he’s on using the stasis rune and throws out a bundle of wood which instantly catches on fire. Now here’s the interesting part of the video—thanks to interacting with the campfire mechanic, the game actually pauses everything, including the stasis effect. Here the player can then take their time to view Hyrule in all its beauty.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t reset the timer for the stasis effect, meaning that the player has to come down eventually (along with their campfire and cart). All in all, this was beautiful to watch and interesting to learn about. Do you guys think will you be trying this trick? Let us know in the comments.

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