Fan Fiction Fridays: The Results are In!

Attention all aspiring writers! Last week, Alfred made a post announcing our new adventure for Fan Fiction Fridays. We gave you, the readers, the chance to vote on how you would like Fan Fiction Fridays to function. Here are the results:

Zelda Informer “Fan Fiction Fridays” Poll

Option 1: Long-Running Story/Choose Your Own Adventure (50%, 69 Votes)

Option 3: Community Submissions (38%, 52 Votes)

Option 2: Staff Short Stories (12%, 16 Votes)

After taking into consideration the results of the poll as well as comments, we decided that the best way to run this show would be to include both a Long Running/Choose Your Own Adventure Story AND Community Submissions. How does that work?

Here is a quick recap on what the long running story will look like:  A long-running, concurrent story. Alfred and I will write our own fanfiction and put up an installment every other week. We could decide for ourselves what to write, or we could get some input from you guys. It can be as crazy as possible.  Think like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game involving The Legend of Zelda.

As for Community Submissions: Whatever week we will not be featuring our own story, we will be featuring stories from the community. The idea is that we give you a prompt, you write a story based on that prompt, and then we feature the “winners” two weeks later. I use the term “winners” loosely, because we are all winners here. But Alfred and I will come up with a criteria to judge which stories will get featured that week.  Of course, there would be a rating limit. Preferably PG-13 at the highest. Nothing you wouldn’t find on basic cable.

Come back next week to read our first installment of our long running story! And writers, here is your first prompt so you can start typing away. Keep in mind, while you have two weeks to work on it, don’t wait too long!

Story Prompt #1

After a long day of adventuring through Hyrule, Link just wants to make it to an Inn and sleep. But the moment he steps into town and sees the chaos, he realizes sleep might have to wait a little while longer

Please email your submissions to:

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