Daily Debate: What Genre of Music Should Be Represented in a Future Zelda Soundtrack?

The music of The Legend of Zelda has always been stylistically diverse. Over the course of the series, we’ve seen soundtracks explore orchestral scores, Western themes, tribal beats, guitar-driven rock, and even electronic rhythms. It seems that the many talented composers that have worked on the franchise have always found ways to broaden Zelda‘s musical horizons, finding unique styles of music to fit each new situation. But for all we’ve heard so far, there are still genres that have not yet been represented in a Zelda game.

I actually wouldn’t mind if The Legend of Zelda explored the genre of jazz a bit more. If you’ve has played the Super Mario series lately, you’d know how high Nintendo has been on jazz; Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, and Super Mario Odyssey included plenty of bombastic, brass-led tunes. But with as much jazzy goodness we’ve heard from the all-star plumber, the Zelda series has yet to fully explore the genre. I would love to see the Deku Pipes from Majora’s Mask return, leading a theme or two in a future game.

Obviously we only want music in a Zelda game if it makes sense for that game’s mood and setting; but if the opportunity ever arises, what genre of music would you want to see represented in a future Zelda soundtrack? Is there a genre that you feel would enhance the Zelda experience? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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