“Follow Me” Music Video Features Mario, Zelda, And The Rest Of The Retro Crew

This little diddy was sent us via email from a fan named CorvosKK, and boy am I happy he brought this to our attention. While this music video was released on youtube back in October, it did get overlooked a bit. The song is titled “Follow Me” featuring Pato Pooh and Adam Tensta. It’s no secret we are big fans of music related to gaming in the main stream audience, and what better way to do a tribute to classic gaming than with a current time song? I really appreciate the creativity. Hey artists out there, can we get more of this please? Thank you….

A Zelda Geography Article That’s Actually Interesting

Take a look around the Zelda Informer forums and you’ll find plenty of threads about Hyrule’s geography. Seriously, it has been done to death and many of us are sick of it. So when I was at Zelda Universe and I came across an article on Geography, I didn’t expect much, but what I got was a treat. A part of their “Missing Link” series of articles, ‘Hyrule: A Geography and Cartography’ by Bastian, is an interesting read. Bastian contends that the Hyrule seen in most games is just a small part of the large land, like seen in The Adventure of Link, and the reason that explains why every Zelda game has a different map is simply that the map becomes more accurate over time, just like maps of our world did. The article is complete with diagrams and visual comparisons that either stole the “O”s from Google’s logo, or the Olympic rings, I’m not quite sure myself. Nevertheless, it makes for a quick, interesting and though provoking read. Personally, I would have liked the author to explain how the idea works with the now accepted pre and post flood Hyrule eras, as well as the split timelines,…

A Link to the Past Dark World Theme…Performed Vocally

While most of the Zelda fandom is calling out for Zelda music to become fully orchestrated, these guys decided to take a different direction. The result is a pretty awesome vocal rendition of A Link to the Past’s Dark World Theme. If you feel inspired to start a Zelda-themed barbershop quartet after listening to this, don’t worry, that’s normal. Props to GoNintendo for the find….

Is Twilight Princess Darker Than Majora’s Mask?

Got a new discussion video for you guys! This time I’m going to talk about the two darkest games in the series, Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess, and explain why I think Twilight Princess is a darker game than Majora’s Mask.
I know a few of you are a little sick of hearing me complain about […]

Zelda Wii… Not Quite Yet

Amongst the heavy political atmosphere of the ever controversial General Election in this reporter’s country, the journalism of Official Nintendo Magazine UK this morning almost slipped our radar; but even in such turbulent times we remain ever vigilant! It was revealed in Nintendo’s latest Financial Briefings document, and the most up-to-date official release schedules, that although Japan is pencilled in to receive a Wii dose of Zelda-y goodness before the end of 2010, that the US and Europe may not be so lucky. Who knows how long Australia will find themselves waiting. All is not lost, however, as the European schedule only indicates as far as the third quarter and the ever anticipated Metroid: Other M; meaning that Nintendo could pull Zelda out just in time for Christmas, a period for which the release schedule seems entirely under wraps. Aonuma is also reported to have told ONM to ‘”expect surprises from Zelda” at this year’s E3. Of course, when this time comes, we will be all over the news like the Liberal Democrats on a referendum for proportional representation!…

Link’s Awakening Video Walkthrough Complete!

The Link’s Awakening Video Walkthrough was completed about two weeks ago over at our youtube channel, but you can now access the completed page right here at Zelda Dungeon! It’s divided by chapter and each video has time stamps for all the significant events throughout the video. With that guide now complete, we have finally […]