Sidescrolling Zelda Deserves Another Shot

The original Legend of Zelda was praised for being revolutionary and even today it remains a significant milestone in gaming. That is something that we’ve all heard, perhaps too often. The Legend of Zelda was so out there in its time because it was such a step forward from the stock-standard sidescrolling games of the time. It was an adventure game across an open overworld. Players could explore any compass direction, not just a linear path. The classic received its share of criticism, as is justly due to something out of the ordinary, but was well received by players overall. Why then did Nintendo revert back to sidescrolling for its sequel, The Adventure of Link? The Adventure of Link is commonly referred to as the odd one out, or the black sheep of the series, though such a term is socially unacceptable these days. With the criticisms received by the first Zelda game, coupled with the creator’s worries that players would find the open world too hard, the developers reverted back to sidescrolling for this release. While the overworld of The Adventure of Link remained to be an ‘open world’, the caves, palaces and enemy encounters were all played…

Zelda Wii: The Calm Before the Storm

The good ol’ calm before the storm. Everything in the Zelda news kingdom is virtually dead right now… and that’s a good thing. We need a little relaxation before we begin to flood our brains with so much information we either get all giddy with glee (no, not the TV show my girlfriend likes) or cry in disappointment. A storm is brewing folks, so best enjoy the calm….

The Man, The Myth, The Legend… He is Tingle

So many people I have met in my online Zelda life have cringed at the mere mention of the name Tingle. What is a cultural phenomenon in Japan is everything we hate about gaming stereotypes in America. Many people use to (and some still do) look upon gamers as 30 year old who cosplay in their parents basement and live a nice secluded life. We are taught that this is wrong, and that if you’re a gamer this is what you will become. As time has proven this is generally not the case. I am 23 years old. I have had several girlfriends, regularly hang out with friends, live with some other roommates who are equally gamers and nerds, run a successful fan site or two, and on top of all of that I do get out of the house a lot for both work and friend related reasons. Heck, this weekend I am going out to the bars with people to have a good time. Just because you are a gamer doesn’t make you anti-social. Yes, this even includes if you play World of Warcraft….